"The birth chart shows everything that is wrong with you and how to fix it.

It describes the life you were born to live, and it is a blueprint for the richest, happiest, most meaningful life that you could possibly live."

Steven Forrest

Evolutionary Astrologer

"The birth chart is a map of the soul's conditioning and conditioned beliefs"

Tom Jacobs, Evolutionary Astrologer

    At any given point in our lives we have different choices - all of them within the probabilities indicated by our charts. We can create our lives to a large extent - but always within a certain framework. Astrology shows you the different parts of your psyche and how they interact; which aspects of you are domintant, which get along and which don't and which are absent or in exile. We can bring your inner drama into a more conscious awareness so that you better understand what is going on inside you and why your life looks the way it does.

    All life on this planet moves in cycles and astrology will show you the cyclical nature of your life. It can help you decide when to take action and when to retreat and allow a process to unfold in its own time.

    Do you feel God calling you but you don't know how to process or even talk about your feelings and the divine call that whispers to loudly?

    Is your relationship just not fulfilling any more? Is the distance between you and your partner indicative of something serious or is it just part of the natural rhythm? Together, we can explore whether it is serious or not. I can tell you if your relationship is undergoing a major irreversible change. What I can't tell you is whether you will leave your partner or go into a transformative process with him/her and come out different people. That is the part you, along with your partner, get to choose.

    Are you happy with your life and want to explore even more deeply who you are and what this incarnation is about for you?

    Your birth chart shows the core beliefs and issues you were born with. Babies are not just blank slates. We all come in with certain issues and belifs. They can dictate our fate if we don't face them, if we act as if we are victims and have no say in what happens. Or we can face these beliefs and core issues and work on them and resolve them and become free to create the life we dream of.

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    • Why is my life the way it is? What am I doing there?
    • Should I leave my job?
    • Should I leave my partner?


    With evolutionary astrology, you get a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here .

    It reveals your deep, karmic patterns that have come ripe and are ready to be embraced and released in this life.

    When you actually do the work, you grow personally and spiritually. 

    You will laugh and cry and be amazed at the bountiful love and beauty and power that lies at the core of every human being. Come, dive in with me and explore just how magical you are.

    Yes, you have worts and scars and hurts - and I can help you bring healing, soothing love and comfort to these tender, vulnerable parts where life was so cruel to you.

    Are you curious about your true potential, your special gifts and talents?

    Do you want to discover more about the true magic that is who you really are?

    We all have the potential to live magical lives when we connect with our true heart, our true calling. 

    Who are you really and why are you here, in this place at this time?

    You did not come in as a blank slate - you came in with challenges and talents already highlighted. Come explore your inner landscape and the map you were born with. Life truly gets easier when we have a better understanding of  why life is the way it is and what you may grow into because of that. When we can embrace our challenges, our perspective changes.

    Come, meet a you you may have only vaguely sensed or dreamed about. Start to open up your inner doors and windows to your true self and feel the freedom and the joy that come that come when you move into a deeper alignment with your personal truth and with spiritual Truth.