Predictive Astrology


Astrology is my playground, my candy store and I have loved it since I started learning it in 1985. I am forever learning new areas within this vast field.

I have a psychological and evolutionary approach to astrology. Whether or not reincarcation is real, it is a very helpful way of looking at life and of gaining perspective. If you only look at this one life without a larger context, life makes no sense at all. If you put it in the much larger context of an evolving soul, things start to make sense and we can start to take responsibility for our lives, including our childhood and our parents. As hard as it is to accept sometimes, taking responsibility for even our childhood circumstances and seeing why we might have chosen  certain experiences is the way  we can grow and become masters of our lives.

Although our lives are sometimes so full of pain, and our childhoods were so traumatic -  mine included - I do believe that on some level, we did create it. The fact is, at the moment a person is born, you can look at the birth chart and predict key times and core issues that the person will have to deal with. You can predict  that someone may be likely to experience abuse and/or neglect - long before it happens. If an astrologer had looked at my chart when I was born, she/he could have predicted that my mother might become evil when I was round 2.5 years old and that I would experience terrible abuse as   a child - and that astrologer would have been right!  But - it was obvious to see in my chart from my first breath that the potential for abuse and violence was right there! The potential for child abuse was there from the start - it was somehow... planned?

So, even though I have no memory of deciding to make this life about abuse, powerlessness and regaining a sense of power and having a right to take up space - I do like the concept that I DID have a say in the matter and I DID come here to revolve issues around personal power. I am all for Saturn - personal responsiblity. So, while I have do great empathy for those of us who  have been hurt -  my main goal is for you to take responsiblity for your life right here and right now. You can learn to create a life that you will love - reclaim your power! My sympathy does nothing for you, my ability to guide you to a life where you feel empowered does!   

If you are interested in exploring your chart and your life, please write me at Helle@astrologyandcoaching.com.

The long story:

I was born and raised in Denmark and moved to the US when I was 25 - when transiting Pluto crossed my MC. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. I specifically use the word "currently" because I have lived in many places in Denmark, the US and Canada. I have Sagittarius rising, which can make for a somewhat restless life where the grass is always greener somewhere else.  One of my favorite quotes from Stephen Forrest goes something like this "When the archetype of Sagittarius/Juiter/the 9th house is strong in your chart, it's as if God said - I'll put you down in Peoria, but I want you to get the hell out of there". 

I have been studying astrology since 1985. I kind of  got into it in a funny way. I had sprained my ankle in the middle of the summer and I was living alone. I lived on the 5th floor in a building with no elevator so getting up and down on crutches was not really happening the first couple of weeks. So, I sat there and asked myself - whatever should I do with all this time? And the answer popped into my head "You could start to learn astrology". Now, this was a very unexpected suggestion. I had no interest in astrology at that point, knew nothing about it or anyone doing it and it just came out of nowhere.  At this time, solar arc Mercury was squaring  my Uranus - thus, it felt like it came out of nowhere. Uranus is the modern ruler of astrology, Mercury is the old ruler - so learning astrology was most appropriate at that time. I kept on studying astrology after my injury had healed and 2 years later I passed the exams of the Irene Christensen Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark and had my astrology diploma.  I never stopped studying (you can hear Sagittarius again!) and  I have studied with Noel Tyl and Bernadette Bray and read endless books over the year.

Bernadette Brady and Visual Astrology became another astrological turning point in my life. Brady coined the term Visual Astrology, which refers to ancient astrology - to the times when the ancients astrologers/priests would watch the night sky and interpret everything that happened in the sky. They would take the constellations into account - not just the thin little band we call the Ecliptic - the path of the Sun. The Ecliptic is the only thing modern astrologers look at, so it really should be called planetology.

Brady also resurrected an ancient way of relating planets and stars to each other called parans. She stronly belives, as do it, that you can't take the fixed stars out of their place in the heavens and extrapolate them down onto the Ecliptic. That totally takes them out of the context of the constellation they are a part of. And it removes them from the mythology and the stories humans have associated with them for thousands of years. So, I interpret the fixed stars in their natural position in the night sky,  in their own context. They are, after all, Suns in their own right!

I remember the first time I stumbled across Visual Astrology and completely feel in love. Solar arc Neptune was crossing my Ascendant  and transiting Uranus was sesquiquadrate my Mercury (there they were again, the rulers of astrology, Uranus and Mercury)! I went on to take courses from Brady in Visual Astrology, Fixed Stars and Medieval Astrology.

Astrology never ceases to amaze me. It is always spot on and I am always learning even more in this endless field of study.