I work with astrology within the context of personal and spiritual development as evolutionary astrology - the astrology of how we evolve over this lifetime.

My main influences are Steven Forrest, Noel Tyl and Liz Green.

I have a psychological and evolutionary approach to astrology. Whether or not reincarnation is real, it is a very helpful way of looking at life and of gaining perspective. If you only look at this one life without a larger context, life makes no sense at all. If you put it in the much larger context of an evolving soul, things start to make sense and we can start to see that there might be meaning in the madness after all.

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Birth chart

with 1 year forecast

We cover your birth chart, its potential and pitfalls, as well as what is coming up for you over the next approximately one year. If you have decisions to make, we will talk about timing - when to do what, and when to not take any action and just wait.

The price is 150 $. Please email me at:

if you have questions or would like to book a session.

Birth chart and Visual Astrology

with 1 year forecast

We will go over your birth chart as well, but we will add the depth and beauty of the sky images and the fixed stars. When clients first look at an image of what the sky looked like when they were born and hear the associated mythology there is usually a deep sense of knowing, of recognition and some clients even cry because they feel "seen" like never before.

The price is 200 $.

Please email me at:

if you have questions or would like to book a session.